Feedpro-Bohol “Ang Babuyang Walang Amoy” – – Rated 5 based on 4 Reviews ” Thank you for the quick and friendly response. GOD bless”. A simple Babuyang Walang Amoy good for 10 pigs This natural piggery project was made together with Meralco Foundation () in. How to Raise Pigs: Baboyang walang amoy or Odorless Pigpen Episode 1.

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The stocking density of the pen should be about 1.

Vehicles should also be able to easily access the pen, especially during harvest. It is also important to note that the location must also allow for ample wind to flow through the piggery. It is important that the materials used to construct the piggery are sturdy enough to withstand the elements and strong enough to hold the pigs inside the pen. This technology is easier, cleaner, and more cost-effective for farmers, it reduces antibiotic dependency in pigs, it is environment and community-friendly, and it promotes humane animal treatment.

There is no concrete flooring below the rice hull bedding. The wallowing pond should be about 1 babuyanf wide spanning the length of one side of the pen. Other materials that may be available can also be used as long as they do not potentially hurt or stress the pigs. The pond is located at the back of the pen, is 1 amot wide and spans the entire length of the pen.

You may use anahaw, nipa, or even GI sheets for sturdier roofs.

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It is best to position the drinkers at the different heights to suit the different growth stages of the pigs. It is also important that the pigs are fed organic feed or natural feed, such as Feedpro, that contain no harmful antibiotics or harmful growth hormones.

Rice hull is used as bedding material for the pigs. After harvest, it is recommended to change all the bedding and replace to new bedding before new piglets are stocked.

While its most distinct feature is being free from bad odor that is present in most conventional piggeries, its most important feature is that it mimics the babuyany habitat of pigs, which allows for stress-free pigs that are less prone to sickness and diseases. It is recommended that the height of the drinker be adjustable. Wallowing Pond The wallowing pond should be about 1 meter wide spanning the length of one side of the pen.

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Natural na Pakain Para sa Ligtas at Natural na Karne

What makes a good harvest?: When deciding which roof to maoy, it is important to make sure that the piggery allows for ample wind to circulate.

The feeding trough is only about 10 inches wide — wide enough for the pig to eat from and narrow enough to prevent the pigs ealang sleeping on the trough. Amou time to time the bedding sinks due to the weight of the xmoy or gets wet, so it is important to add fresh bedding. Larger piggeries will benefit from semi-monitor or monitor type roofs that have openings at the top.


Some farmers have used wood chips, coffee shells, shredded corn cobs, saw dust, coco dust, and others. It may also span the entire length of the piggery or at least long enough to accommodate all the pigs. The waste can be set aside and used as fertilizer for plants. What makes a good harvest?: Usually, the rice hull replaced every cycle or harvest of the pigs. The fermented feeds are then given to the pigs in its liquid form. FEEDING It is also important that the pigs are fed organic feed or natural feed, such as Feedpro, that contain no harmful antibiotics or harmful growth hormones.


Any excess water will fall into the wallowing pond when the pig is drinking. The feeding trough is usually placed opposite the wallowing pond. Maintain a shallow pool of water about 1 to 6 inches deep only during the daytime. Allocate automatic drinkers on the wall of the wallowing pond. The pigs use the pond to cool babyyang.

It will be easier to transport feeds to the piggery as well as transport harvested pigs from the piggery to be marketed. It is shallow and should be able to hold only up to 6 inches deep water.

A typical pen stocked with 10 pigs has a measurement of 4 meters by 5 meters, including the wallowing pond.