I use the OnDemand AFP Web Viewer plug-in with ODWEK to view AFP reports that are stored in OnDemand V What parameters can I modify in the. The IBM® Content Manager OnDemand Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) Web Viewer. Users can use the AFP Web Viewer to search, retrieve, view. When a user retrieves an AFP document from the Content Manager OnDemand server, the value of the AFPVIEWING parameter determines what action, if any.

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Configuring IBM Content Navigator – Configuring the AFP viewer (IBM Content Manager OnDemand)

None of the above, continue with my search. If Type 1 fonts are installed, they must be removed. INI af; to specify the resource directory.

There is an installation file with the file extension of. User-Defined Page Sizes You can define two page sizes, U1 and U2, when viewing a report that contains non-standard page sizes. Contact and feedback Need support? The installation process copies the viewer and its associated aafp to directories of the user’s choice.

Content Manager OnDemand – Installing and configuring the AFP Web Viewer

United States English English. This parameter has a global scope, unless overridden in a browser section. If no values are set, the default for U1 and U2 is 8.

This is the default. This comparison is done with a binary diff, which does a byte-by-byte comparison. The administrator typically moves the installation files to the public directory on the server and creates a web page with the links to the files. OnDemand performs the following actions:. Installing and afpp viewing and transform software. The viewer must be distributed to all users and they must install it on their workstations.

Compares each AFP resource group to the resources af; loaded.

Watson Product Search Search. True Type Fonts Ondemanv you want to view your report using True Type fonts, you must complete the following steps: Remind your users to restart their browser if it was active during the installation process. The width is the top of the page and all values must be in units of ths of an inch.


OnDemand performs the following actions: If the size is in millimeters, multiply it by The resource object’s timestamp will get updated on load if the application group is configured to migrate data from cache when data is loaded, otherwise the resource object’s timestamp will be updated on the next successful OnDemand cache migration to Tivoli Storage Manager.

If the resource is external if it is ibn stored in the same file as the AFP documentthen the resource must be downloaded with the AFP document. This prevents the resource from expiring before the newly loaded data does.

If the resource is external, it must be stored in the directory specified by the ResourceDataPath parameter.

Document information More support for: The two page sizes will be added to the list of other page sizes that can be selected when viewing a report. This file is archived into OnDemand storage if no previous AFP resource group file in the application group matches this incoming bundle.

The AFP Web Viewer does not download overlays to the resource directory specified by the ResourceDataPath; therefore, if the resource ondemanr be downloaded to the client workstation by some other means, then the AFP data stream must be modified to include the resource so that the AFP document and the AFP resource reside in the same file.

Check igm to start a new keyword search. You can set this parameter to one of the following values: You should use another method for displaying rules.

Rules or Lines that Do Not Display If the rules or lines are not displayed correctly when you view an AFP report, the problem might be because of display driver differences. Document information More support for: Check here to start a new keyword search.


Contact and feedback Tp support? Using a text editor, like Microsoft Notepad, open the onvemand and find the entry named ResourceDataPath under [Preferences], similar to the following example:. If the page size is in inches, multiple it by External overlay resources are not downloaded with the AFP document. If a match is found, then the reports in the current load will be associated with the matching resource in Ondekand. Linux, Platform Independent, Windows Reference: Using a text editor, like Microsoft Notepad, open the file and find the entry named ResourceDataPath under [Preferences], similar to the following ondemnd Watson Product Search Search.

If no match is found, then af new resource will be loaded into OnDemand storage. By default, retrieves the last 50 resources. None of the above, continue with my search. Retrieves a list of previously loaded AFP resource groups. A user installs a viewer by loading the web page into their browser and activating the link to the appropriate installation file.

Appendix D. Configuring ODWEK to use the AFP to PDF transform

Text Fidelity If fonts are not substituted correctly and the text alignment is not correct, especially if the Text Fidelity parameter is set to Characterit might be because your report was created with pel metrics rather than pel metrics. The installation program installs the viewers as ActiveX controls for Internet Explorer. United States English English. Most customers use one of the following ways to distribute the viewer files from a server, depending on whether they plan to distribute user-defined files with the AFP Web Viewer: When an administrator installs the ODWEK software on the Web server, the installation files for the viewers are stored in a directory on the server.