It’s Christmastime in London and Rafe Bowman has arrived from America for his arranged meeting with Natalie Blandford, the very proper and beautiful. Scandal in Spring (The Wallflowers, Book 4)? Ehhh not so much. Although not as good as the first three, I found A Wallflower Christmas to. Read “A Wallflower Christmas A Novel” by Lisa Kleypas with Rakuten Kobo. The Wallflowers are four young ladies in London who banded together in their wild.

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A Wallflower Christmas Wallflowers 4. My only complaint is that it was too short!

A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas — All About Romance

Much like a couple of the other books in the Wallflower series, I thought that A Wallflower Christmas started a little weak, but by the end, I was completely hooked. And the jealousy he showed after hearing about Hannah’s marriage proposal from another suitorand what he did about it–hawt! Also, the part about the toy soldier was sweet and heartbreaking.

All the Wallflowers back helping a woman obtain love!! I need too much of you. The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy. I thought it was really sweet how they banded together to help Hannah and made her an unofficial member of their group.

What I really loved about Hannah’s character was when she found out about Rafe’s dark past with his father and she was truly sympathetic towards Rafe, which really made my heart melt for Rafe. The Duke and I With 2nd Epilogue.


The Wallflowers Book Klrypas Es un libro corto que se lee en un suspiro. I can’t say that I entirely understood Hannah’s initial dislike of Rafe.

A Wallflower Christmas – Book Review – The Hope Chest Reviews

European Historical Romance Review Tags: I loved Rafe, he was sexy, handsome, and charming. I couldn’t get over how outrageous he was, kissing Hannah practically right after he met her! He’s been at odds wallflowwer his father all his life, and has a reputation as a quite the wild rake. I don’t read a whole lot of historicals, but I have been a fan of LK f What more chrostmas be said about this sweet, passionate book that hasn’t already been said?

He’s been at odds with his father all h It’s kinda funny, as much as I enjoyed the original Wallflowers series, I probably would have waited a while to buy this book.

I’ve always thought that secondary characters relating information about the past generally takes away good opportunities to build intimacy between the hero and heroine, but I’ll admit that christtmas element wasn’t as annoying in this book as it has been in others I’ve read. Return to Book Page. Merry and sparkling with a quick pace and just enough steam to keep you toasty warm for Christmas.

It made me understand Rafe so much better. More build-up, a little more conflict. The Hathaways Complete Series.

Her loyalty to her cousin was comendable even if it was misguided sometimes. Tempt Me at Twilight. Of course, to her chagrin, who should discover her but Rafe. Meanwhile, glimpses into the married lives of the Wallflowers occur.


A Wallflower Christmas

What a blissfully perfect Christmas I loved how she read A Christmas Carol to the children each night, and Rafe couldn’t resist listening as well. I have felt these words like a weight in my chest, until I find myself amazed that a heart can go on beating under such a burden. This is when we are introduced to Ms. B- Sensuality Warm Book Type: And I especially loved the aftermath when Lillian dared to suggest to Westcliff that he may be losing interest in her You would ask how I could be so certain.

There wasn’t a single reason why that should be in a story like this. A Christmas to Remember. And I was expecting Daisy to be having a baby, too, since all the other Wallflowers have one, but nooooo.


Because of Miss Bridgerton. He came across more like a bully to me. If you only knew how I crave the taste of you. But when four former Wallflowers try their hand at matchmaking, no one knows what will happen.

When a Marquis Chooses a Bride. With her trademark charm, sensuality, and unforgettable characters, there’s no one like Lisa Kleypas to lida you believe in the magic of Christmas.