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Whenever switch SI is pressed momentarily, it ex- tends the supply to the step-down trans- former of the tape recorder and charges capacitor CI through diode Dl. When the circuit is switched on, QO output of IC2 is active high. As a datashfet, tran- s. The laser beam should be aimed con- tinuously on LDR.

M81C55 Datasheet PDF

When the preamplifier is in ‘off’ state, switching relay RL1 is off and it allows connection of external signals to the sound card. The counter remains in this state until the song is completed. The output of goes high to switch off the relay and thus the mains supply to transformer X2. When transistor T2 is ‘on’, transistor Tl gets forward biased and is switched on. Now both transistors T21 and T22 con- duct due to diodes Dl and D2. The value of resistor R12 is chosen between and ohms such that IC1 remains inactive in the ab- sence of any perceptible knock.

The IC’s are low cost and easily available.

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This circuit costs around Rs Using this gadget, one can also quickly detect fused small filament bulbs in serial loops powered by V AC mains. Due to the persis- tence of vision, the LED appears to be glowing continuously. Only C is annotated on the transistor body. The player’s designated number is dis- played with an audio alarm when the player presses his entry button. Capacitors C2 and C3 are the power supply decoupling ca- pacitors. Each of the output bits, when high, short a part of the resistor network com- prising series resistors R6 through R9 for one channel and RIO through R13 for the other channel, and thereby control the output of the audio signals being fed to the inputs of stereo amplifier.


To reverse the operation, you just have to momen- tarily depress another switch. Therefore the call duration KIT Each sens- ing zone is provided with a closed-loop switch known as sense switch.

The transistor conducts during the positive half cycle of square wave. The main advantage of this circuit is that it doesn’t require any step-down transformer or ICs. Transistor T22 is not conduct- ing at this moment. In idle mode, the power consumption of the circuit is minimum and thus it can be used for hundreds of travel hours.

CD is a bit ring counter IC. In place of V bulbs, miniature lamps connected in series in the form of characters or letters can also be used, pro- vided the voltage drop across the series high, transistor Tl goes off and its out- put at the collector goes low. The commonly available stage bi- nary ripple counter with built-in oscilla- tor CMOS IC CDB is used to gen- erate three types of pulses, which are avail able from pin 1 O upin 3 0 13and pin 14 0 7respectively.

It converts the analogue input voltage to 8-bit digital output. Ordi- nary alarms in electronic watches are not loud enough and very often they fail to wake up.

On sensing that the control equipment is on, it powers up the other slave sockets. One of the major disadvantage of us- ing a manual stabiliser in areas with a wide range of voltage fluctuations is that one has to keep a watch on the manual stabiliser’s output voltage that is displayed on a voltmeter and keep changing the same using its rotary switch.

Ca- pacitor C13 couples the output available at pin 1 to the loud- speaker. The output of IC6 drives common- testant who pressed the switch first, he disables the audio alarm and at the same time forces the digital display to ‘0’ by pressing reset pushbutton S5. The maximum delay produced should be greater than 20 us, which is the maximum acquisition time of the capaci- tor.

M81C Datasheet PDF – Oki Electric Industry

The base of transistor T3 is pulled low due to conduction of di- ode D2 and transistor T2. This design is meant for car audios with negative ground only. When the num- ber of sampling points in the input signal waveform is increased, the reconstructed waveform becomes more accurate. You may choose the main equipment to control other gadgets.


Rewire the DC motor connections and fix the IR re- ceiver module in a suitable datasueet, for lated infrared beam for datadheet function, ambient light reflections will not affect the circuit operation. In this datasheett, pins 1 and 2 are always made low, so the IC and the buses are always enabled. The default BGI directory path is set as ‘c: The frequency is determined by timing components comprising resistors R3 and R4, and capacitor CI.

During telephone conversa- tion if you are reminded of some urgent work, m81x55-5 push switch SI until red LED1 glows, keep the telephone hand- set on the cradle, and attend to the work on hand. The circuit can be enclosed in a CFL round case, and thus it can be con- nected directly to AC bulb holder socket.

Elimination of power amplifier transistor to energise the relay. M81v55-5 the call is estab- lished, no ring-back tone is heard by the calling party. By increasing or decreasing the value of resistor R4, the gain can be increased or decreased, re- spectively.

Depres- sion of switch S2 effectively grounds the base of transistor Tl, which cuts off and thus virtually opens the base-emitter cir- cuit of transistor T2 and thus cutting it off. This, in turn, makes transistor Tl conduct and energise relay RL1 to provide a parallel path to switch SI, so fatasheet supply to the step-down transformer continues even when switch SI is released.

Timer IC1 is wired as an astable multivibrator to generate clock signal for the 4-bit counter IC2. The input is sensed by a cm long plastic insulated flexible wire that is wound times on telephone cable.

These ana- logue switches are controlled by IC CD outputs. Transistor BC is npn type while transistor BC is pnp type.