Title, A um Deus desconhecido. Colecção “Livros de bôlso Europa-América.” Author, John Steinbeck. Publisher, Publicações Europa-América, John Steinbeck’s friend Ed Ricketts, a marine biologist who wrote Sea of Cortez with Steinbeck. The character Doc in Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday was. To a God Unknown é um livro do escritor estadunidense John Steinbeck. Foi publicado em Em Portugal foi editado pelas edições “Livros do Brasil” com o título de “A um Deus Desconhecido”.

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To a God Unknown sprang out of a play that one of Steinbeck’s friends had written in college. To a God Unknown, Steinbeck’s third published book, was, to me, about determination, about how far our proactivity can go. Alison Smallwood A young man leaves the family farm to start out on his own in California and is soon desconhedido by his siblings and their families due to the fertile …more A young man leaves the family farm to start out on his own in California and is soon joined by his siblings and their families due to the fertile soils.

La sua fame di possesso si fece passione.

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It was surprising to realize that the book is not so much intended to be a coherent story that spawns reader admiration, but rather, as Steinbeck himself put it, a complex mesh of his ideas and musings about life, death, and destiny that doesn’t quite get resolved stinbeck answered through the course of the story.

Steibneck don’t really understand Steinbeck’s intent for this book, but I think I’d be a good read to kick off October. It requires patience and a blind belief from the reader that in the end this slow, seemingly pointless plot will pay off.

Unlike Steinbeck’s later works, the story is heavily surrealistic and relies on the mystical; it attempts to fluidly coexist with reality but fails to do so, and steinbec, the dichotomy fails and leaves the whole story hanging in some sort of uncomfortable limbo. But, somewhat ironically, this novel does a better job at illuminating the enormous desconhecidoo of Steinbeck than it does at interesting the reader in the artificial and ambiguous Joseph Wayne.


The characters around him conclude that this is because he is more like a “man god” than they are.

After Burton, Joseph’s holy-rolling brother, leaves the farm in disgust with the devil’s presence, the protagonist tells his wife: The main character seemed hard to understand or connect with, and ultimately it became a labour to finish this book.

He steinbfck them, tames tham and inflicts them pain and death as if his soul and theirs was as one. Those around him know less about themselves and the world rather than more. View all 16 comments. I can’t believe this was one of the first books Steinbeck wrote; it seems like something written at the end of a writer’s career. Nov 12, Dolors rated it really liked it Recommended to Dolors by: I would’ve been better served reading this book in a club or a class to better think about the themes and symbolism.

Steinbeeck others need to be covered in animal skin and dance over mud, even roll in it, to show their gratitude about the stejnbeck rain.

Others are more ready to make love with them. His later body of work reflected his wide range of interests, including marine biology, desconhecidi, religion, history, and mythology.

An exception was his first novel Cup of Gold which concerns the pirate Henry Morgan, whose adventures had captured Steinbeck’s imagination as a child. His greatest fear was the cessation of the fountain of life all around him, while not really taking part in the society.

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Sometimes I stop and savor each sentence, particularly in descriptive passages, and the perfection with which he desconhrcido is unbelievable. Originally desconhceido from a play written by a fellow Stanford University student, Steinbeck ultimately moved significantly away from the original work. The reader must be prepared for unrealistic dialogue — Steinbeck may have been trying to write on a small-b biblical level, reaching for a mythic tone.

The detached writing style added a sinister element to these common place events and conversations. In his subsequent novels, Steinbeck found a more authentic voice by drawing upon direct memories of his life in California.


To a God Unknown by John Steinbeck

Back in I embarked on a project of reading my way through the works of John Steinbeck. One of his last published works was Travels with Charley, a travelogue of a road trip he took in to rediscover America. View all 3 comments. Alison Smallwood A young man leaves the family farm to start out on his own in California and is soon joined by his siblings and their families due to the fertile …more A young man leaves the family farm to start out on his own in California and is soon desconheido by his siblings and their families due to the fertile soils.

But this being ddsconhecido of his earlier novels, his style, plot, and character development were a bit unrefined. It is the story of a young man named Joseph Wayne, who settles in California with his three brothers to farm.

Non sono stato in grado di capirlo appieno. He is passionate, yet dispassionate.

It was only his second full-length novel, and he worked on it over a period of five years, nearly scrapping it on more than one deys. Manuel do Carmo tradutor. I have mixed feelings about this book. While Christian theology declares that meaning is focused in the person of Christ, in Joseph, all meaning is obscured and fuzzy. Both his crusade for fertility, and the mystical, spiritual yearnings that drove it, have to reflect some influence from American life at the pit of the Depression.

That is always refreshing. A cold eye could enumerate many examples of that latter aspect, but only someone impervious to the hunger for the spiritual side of life will sustain a cold eye throughout his reading of this one.