Prince of Ayodhya (Book One of the Ramayana) [Ashok K. Banker] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THIS IS BRAND NEW BOOK. Ashok Kumar Banker is an author and screenwriter. His writing spans crime thrillers, essays, .. Prince of Ayodhya (); Siege of Mithila (); Demons of Chitrakut (); Armies of Hanuman (); Bridge of Rama (); King of. The original Ramayana was written in Sanskrit by a reformed thief-turned-sage named Valmiki, possibly as long ago as 2, B.C. Now, with breathtaking.

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But, to my sheer ayodnya after a couple of months, I received the book. Subsequently, Banker has said in numerous interviews that when the time came for him to choose which religion he wished to belong to, he chose simply “to stay human”. Usually these stories end up being laden with countless names, their relations with each other and numerous incidents, one after the other.

My bamker here is to speak about the Ramayana series by Ashok Banker. For, the auther Ashok Banker’s sheer mastery in creating the 3D vision for the re-telling is commendable.

And trying to insert scientific, geographical knowledge etc. Having depicted different aspects of Ramayana in dance and aehok them being performed, it just looked like a theme beaten to death. This retelling by Mr. I have to praise the libraries here. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Not to mention the almost “black and white” characterisation and references to sensual and sexual episodes The couple settled in the neighbourhood of Byculla in Mumbaior Bombay as it was then known.

See the full review here http: His views often veered from the outright derogatory [17] to effusive praise. I have not read the original and have only made do with the epic serial on DD channel during the prex7 TV days — Aydhya find this piece interesting to delve in.


Prince of Ayodhya

This doesn’t belong in a novel even remotely related to Vedic tradition, let alone the life of Rama. He speaks positively of the pract A basic fantasy novel about a young boy with special powers killing monsters with the help of a magician, except instead of battling ogres and dragons, the supernatural creatures in this book are based on Hindu mythology.

I am now reading the 4th installment in the series. The details are still very restrictive, but the imagination is clear in the minds of the reader asbok or is it just me?

Can these two young princes succeed qyodhya veteran warriors have failed? The book ends with many loose ends. Jul 02, One rated it really liked it. In fact there are a good many things, terms etc that I got to learn from this book, thanks to Banker, I am slightly more educated. Ravana is set to attack Prithvi again.

For example, Banker insists that the multiple gods of the Hindu religion are really all different aspects of one god, as if monotheism were somehow superior to polytheism.

Ashok Banker is a brilliant baker and this is a great book and he’s got his heart in the right place, but there are some things I’m not happy about. The best part of the book is the foreword. Looking forward to 17 more books in the series.

I now must pick up the remaining six books.

Prince of Ayodhya: The Ramayana, Book I — book review

Rama, the oldest prince bakner Ayodhya, has just returned from his years of tutelage in the ashram of Guru Vashistha. The dramatization of the events are invigorating some of them were good to note — as you will read ahead — and not like the Ramanand S Please go through my review written on my blog: I found a good review of it here http: I know one thing for sure, I’m steering clear of this author – not my reading style at all.


And the trip continues. For the convenience of the non-Indian readers, a helpful glossary has been provided toward the end of the book for just this purpose. It is the basis of much of Indian mythology, theology, poetry and art. To ask other readers questions about Prince of Ayodhyaplease sign up.

I had seen Shobana’s Maya Ravan and laughed through the whole ballet. So, don’t expect much trouble in the journey. Colours of fiction”Banker’s views about bias: I was skeptical about reading it first, but I was caught completely unawares. Yes, he proves Rama to be an able warrior and dutiful son but that is about all. Then there were other oddities like references to Dashrata and his ministers dancing the bhangra or people cooking dosa on the streets of Ayodhya – I mean really?

I personally didn’t realize from my reading of the more popular versions that Manthara the hunchbacked maid of the second queen was a double agent for Ravana. He is reported to have several television shows in development and production, including the highly successful historical TV show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat on Colors.

The book does move slowly, as other reviewers have commented, but all for the purpose of becoming acquainted with a large cast of characters at the beginning of a large story and a long series of books. The book does a prnice good job presenting some of the myths of India.

Jul 09, Pradyota Prakash rated it it was ok. We have the return of an ancient evil many now consider mythical.