Baseball scorekeeping is the practice of recording the details of a baseball game as it unfolds. Professional baseball leagues hire official scorers to keep an. and score baseball games, and how to find some simple baseball data on (It is a text file, so make sure you choose the right file type.) 4. I score games whenever I go to them through the program (weekend games as I (ll) Thanks, didnt know about the filetype trick.

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It was submitted by a “Dugout Dad” who did not provide his name. JJ Scorecard Jeff J. BB Scorecard Bob Bridges sent in this compact scorecard. If a team hits around the order, simply give multiple columns to that inning and rewrite the numbers accordingly.

The inventor of the first baseball scoring system decided to use the letter “K,” because he used “S” to designate a sacrifice, and “K” was the last letter in the word “struck,” as in “struck out. I find that if I do it at home, it adds a ballpark-y abseball. Youth Baseball Scorecard Russ S.

The Baseball Scorecard – Downloads

If a batter reaches first base, either due to a walk, a hit, or an error, the basepath from home to first base is drawn, and the method described in the lower-righthand corner. This fileyype is in Microsoft Excel format.

Scoring I was asked by a minor league ball club to create a one page scoring guide for their game program. Can anyone provide a link to a printer-friendly scorecard two page set or printing the same page twice is fine. Here is his description. This is vital for attributing events to the proper players.

Baseball scorekeeping

Some people use different slashes and X’s to indicate whether the batter swung or made contact, while others use numbers to indicate in what order the pitches were thrown. Sportswriter Henry Chadwick is generally credited as the inventor of baseball scorekeeping. At the end of the game, feel free to tally batting statistics and pitching statistics in the spaces provided for a good representation of the game. With a runner on first, a grounder is hit to the second baseman who only gets the lead runner out the fielder has made a choice not to try to get the batsman out.


Also fill in the innings box in the space on the right. First, innings of play are not recorded in a one-per-column fashion; instead all boxes are used sequentially and new innings are indicated with a heavy horizontal line.

When an out is recorded, the combination of defensive players executing that out is recorded. The other for National League games. This scorecard is meant to be printed in color, but black and white works as well.

You can keep track of the total pitches thrown by writing it to the right of the inning number. Thanks for letting us know. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Since most youth leagues require every child to play a minimum number of innings, Russ has included a set of columns to track which innings each child has played. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the file. It is provided in Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Excel format.

It has a diamond representing the field, as in the traditional system and a single line for recording action during and after the play like Project Scoresheet’s second and third lines. I was able to open it in Excel The scorecard is formatted to fit on legal size paper 8. They are not as sophisticated as some of the commercial scorecards, but I’ve found them quite usable.

Note the outcome of the at bat using both abbreviations and markings on the small diamond. One set allows pitch-tracking in the barely-visible circles within each batter’s square, and includes columns for total balls pitched B and strikes thrown S by each pitcher.


Project Scoresheet was an organization run by volunteers in the s for the purpose of collecting baseball game data and making it freely available to the public the data collected by Major League Baseball was and still is not freely available.

If there is a change in pitching, draw a horizontal line between the last batter of the old pitcher and the first ffiletype of the new pitcher. Stolen bases, pickoffs, and other “before the play” events are also marked on the diamond, so that one can see the “situation” in which an at-bat took place by simply glancing at the scorecard.

Thus, if a runner advances from first to second on a balk, mark the “B” between first and second on the player’s infield symbol. Featured Articles Fans of Baseball In other languages: The traditional method has many variations in its symbols and syntax, but this is a typical example. Retrieved from ” https: If you do not give explicit permission allowing me to use your full name, I will use your first name and last initial or just your intials, depending on how much information you provide.

To collect and distribute the data, Project Scoresheet needed a method of keeping score that could be easily input to a computer. TW Scorecard Todd W. One is for American league games. If someone has a designated hitter, write the DH in the first slot and the position player in the second slot.