This section provides additional technical specifications on DIN /1 keyways to learn more about the components in the Elesa Catalogue. DIN Technical Specifications. DIN DIN Parallel key – product drawing – d1=length,. b h9, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32, 36 . Page | Screws and Nuts, Washers, Lifting accessories. 1. 2. 3 b h9 h. Length l Keys DIN are only in packing units of 50 pieces for each size and length available. see also • Keyway type in the bore and the shaft → Page

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Parallel keys din form a st round heads st import from excel copy the product rows from excel by selecting adjacent columns where the first one. The database allows you to choose the material.

Parallel Keys – Type A, round-ended without retaining screw – Part 3

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This calculation report contains all input data, the calculation method as well as all detailed ein. Your subscription for the Elesa Newsletter has been sent successfully.

The main purpose of the parallel key is to transmit static and quasi-static torques. ELESA is constantly engaged in the development of new and innovative solutions.


We appreciate your feedback and we are looking for ideas, suggestions or criticism. Width of hub within. Dn this case, the surface pressure, occurring in the parallel key, is not relevant. You will get the results for the equivalent pressure and for the pressure at load peak as well as the safety at operation load and the safety at peak load.

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Finish bore larger than o19, keyway to din sheet 3 2 dimension d 1. The joint pressure, that is reduced due to the parallel key in comparison diin the hole without keyway, is considered by the factor.

In case a good assembly and disassembly of the shaft-hub-connection are required or necessary e.

The strength of the shaft is verified according to the nominal stress concept. The different keyway depths in shaft and hub as well as the dun of the parallel key are taken into consideration for the calculation. The method is based on the following simplifications: Parallel key steel stainless steel example for ordering. The context menu contains all available units.

Parallel key types A to D. Windows dialog for saving the file.

Import Data and Price of din keyway under HS Code | Zauba

All rights of this dinh7 metric bore and dinjs9 square keyway file is reserved to who prepared it. Load peak frequency factor If you check the message window carefully for any errors or warnings and follow the hints, you are able to find a solution to quickly resolve calculation problems. The calculation method applies for one-sided stress and with restriction for an alternating stress of the parallel keys.


However, it is integrated into the calculation. For the load peak torque is transmitted by friction. During the input of the values it can happen that the results will be marked in red. A parallel key is a positive shaft-hub-connection. Parallel key according to din highsized version, b 10 mm, h 8 mm, l 70 mm, form a roundended, bright.

If you select this option, the input fields will be enabled, so that you can enter your own input values or add a comment.

A recalculation occurs after every data keywya. Dinh7 metric bore and dinjs9 square keyway tolerances page 1 33 4. But it is taken into consideration only for the calculation of the maximum effective surface pressure. Automatic dimensioning of the supporting length. Enter a keyword, a series, a product code Selection dialog for parallel key geometry The database provides the parallel key selection according to DIN sheet 1 to 3.

You can navigate through the report via the table of contents that provides links to the input values, results and figures. Exhibition in the world this month Check the kryway. The friction factor considers that.

Input of the values. Material for parallel key Supporting Length and Number of Parallel Keys The supporting length is determined automatically from the selected standard length. Parallel key types E to Keywat.

Automatic dimensioning of the maximum load peak torque.