0, Wanted: Rules and Reference sheet. by D HELLCustom Wed Apr 6, am. 0. Wed Apr 6, am. by D HELLCustom. 0, Reference sheet. Dungeonquest Catacombs (Based on a BRIA AB expansion) allows players to explore the tunnels and catacombs below the dungeon within Dragonfire. The catacombs are only accessible from the lowest floor. or adjacent rooms, depending on your game rules), they can choose to trade items.

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Dungeonquest is unusual in that the game board is only revealed as play progresses. Next, each player rolls the D To win the game, your playing piece must mate it back to a Tower Room any one will do before the sun sets. Certain Rooms have special rules, and you follow these instead of taking a Room card. The manual is your specification.

You may keep this card if you wish, placing it face-up beside your character sheet. The player on his left does the same, and so on until all the playing pieces are on the board.

Matt’s Dungeonquest Rulings

The First Player puts his playing piece in one of the four Tower rooms at the corners of the board. Instead, the tile is immediately routed through degrees, and your turn is over. If not, you have fallen into the pit – and out of the game! Dunngeonquest The robustness requirement should be interpreted to also encompass fault tolerance.


However, in my opinion, urles of these 2 expansions were particularly succesful. After a few games, you will begin to notice this, and in time you will be able to turn it to your advantage.


This cataconbs is created and maintained by: This ring will restore up to 5 LPs at the start of your tune, but you may not do anything else that turn.

Would have to go with A because you did not start your turn in the Catacombs, you only moved down there.

Normal tiles have a white Entry Arrow, and special tiles have a coloured Entry Arrow red, yellow, blue green, orange white or purple. Dungeonquest as published by Games Workshop. Dare you risk an unknown but possibly shorter route where no Tiles lie as yet?

House Rules for Dungeonquest. These items count towards your treasure total at the end of the game. Leave the counter face-up on the table – do not return it to the stack. Few indeed return in daylight: The rest, as they say, is history Or maybe ghostlike monsters that can move regardless of walls.

I’ll do a PDF or two for all that new stuff of mine too. Consequently, it is very important that player’s character is not affected by hardware or connection failures, i.

Dungeonquest catacombs rules pdf

The tile can only ever rotate once – as soon as it is drawn, so you cannot go back by the same route. Dungeonquest Catacombs Based on a BRIA AB expansion allows players to explore the tunnels and catacombs below the dungeon within Dragonfire Mountain, but with no board to explore the catacombs are pretty dull.


A game of Dungeonquest lasts for a maximum of 26 rounds. Two expansions were released for the English version of the game, originally released as Drakborgen II also by Alga AB as a single expansion for Drakborgen.

In a pretty sorry state.

Dungeonquest: Catacombs | Rules | Forum | RPGGeek

Retrieved from ” https: The Ring of Blinding does not work against a Sneak Attack. You only have four arrows, however, and once these are gone you may not use the longbow again in this game. Only time will tell. Each Treasure counter has a number dunteonquest by the letters ‘GP’ – this is the value of the treasure in Gold Pieces. Four minds reflect on the villagers’ tales, and four hands tighten their grip on four weapons: Guineas, Jewelled Dagger, Bracelet or Brooch: Once the counter reaches zero, the longbow cannot be used again.

All the players have lost, and Dragonfire Castle stands victorious on Wyrm’s Crag, awaiting the next group of fools and heroes. You never draw a Room card when you enter a Tower Room, and you may not search the room. If the door through which you are moving lines up with a door on an adjacent tile you must draw two Door dungeonqhest – you may only move to the next square if both cards say ‘Door Opens: Dungeonquest trap cards x15 vintage.