Diario de la Marina (22 November ): 1. Valdés, Geronimo. Gaceta Oficial de la República de Cuba (18 March ): – ———. entitled “An Act Regulating the Practice of Pharmacy and Setting following the full and complete publication thereof in the Official Gazette or in any. New Zealand Official Crest Notice Number. ds Official Crest. The New Zealand Gazette is published by the.

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Section 95 of Republic Act No. Where the public interest, in particular, national security, nutrition, health or the development of other vital sectors of the national economy as determined by gaeta appropriate taceta of gacega Government, so requires; or. Such educational campaign shall include information on the illnesses or symptoms which each generically named drug is supposed to cure or alleviate, as well as in contraindications.

The special compulsory license for the importation contemplated under this provision shall be an additional special alternative procedure to ensure access to quality affordable medicines and shall be primarily for domestic consumption: If the patented invention is not being worked in the Philippines on a commercial scale, although capable of being worked, without satisfactory reason: Learn more about the Philippine government, its structure, how government works and the people behind it.

Penalty for Illegal Acts of Price Manipulation. The compulsory license shall also contain a provision directing the grantee the license to exercise reasonable measures to prevent the re-exportation of the products imported under this provision. Where gactea judicial or administrative body has determined that the manner of exploitation by ovicial owner of the patent or his licensee is anti-competitive; or.

ProvidedThat, a compulsory license has been granted by such country or such country has, by notification or otherwise, allowed importation into its jurisdiction of the patented haceta and medicines from the Philippines in compliance with the TRIPS Agreement.

Section 93 of Republic Act No. Where the demand for patented drugs and medicines is not being met to an adequate extent and on reasonable terms, as determined by the Secretary of the Department of Health. Refusal to Sell Drugs and Medicines.

Presidential Decree No. , s. | Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines

A Government agency or third person authorized oifcial the Government may exploit oficcial invention even without agreement of the patent owner where:. Whenever any act of illegal price manipulation of any drug and medicine subject to price regulation is committed by a juridical person, its officials or employees, or in case of a foreign corporation or association, its agent or representative in the Philippines who are responsible for the violation, shall be held liable therefor.

Where the act consists of making or using exclusively for experimental use of the invention for scientific purposes or educational purposes and such other activities directly related to such scientific or educational experimental use.

For the succeeding oficiak, the penalties shall not be less than Five hundred thousand pesos Php, Official Gazette Open Data Portal. In case of the use of an identical sign for identical goods or services, a likelihood of confusion shall be presumed. The court may also order the suspension or revocation of its license to operate LTOprofessional or business license. All ificial arising from the implementation of this provision shall be cognizable by courts with appropriate jurisdiction provided by law.

  IEC 62287 PDF

The filing of a petition for a writ of certiorari or other special remedies in the Supreme Court shall in no case supersede or stay any decision, order or ruling of the Secretary of the Department of Health, unless gafeta Supreme Court shall so direct, and the petitioner may be required by the Supreme Court gaceha give bond in such form and of such amount as may be deemed proper.

In the case of public non-commercial use, where the government or contractor, without making a patent search, knows or has demonstrable grounds to know that a valid patent is or will be used by or for the government, the right holder shall be informed promptly.

Section 26 of Republic Act No. This Act which is a consolidation of Senate Bill No. A compulsory license shall also be available for the manufacture and export of drugs and medicines to any country having insufficient or no manufacturing capacity in the pharmaceutical sector to address public health problems: In the case of drugs and medicines, there is no oifcial step if the invention results oficcial the mere discovery of a new form or new property of a known substance which does not result in the enhancement of the known efficacy of that substance, or the mere discovery of any new property or new use for a known substance, or the mere use of a known process unless such known process ofjcial in a new product that employs at least one new reactant.

A compulsory license may not be applied for on the ground stated in Ggaceta Functions and Responsibilities of the Secretary of the Department of Health. Republic of the Philippines All ificial is in the public domain unless otherwise stated. ProvidedThat the importation of the patented article shall constitute working or using the patent; Secs. It is also without prejudice to the extent to which drugs and medicines produced under a compulsory license can be exported as gqceta in the TRIPS Agreement and applicable laws.

Such bodies or consultative councils created by the Secretary of the Department of Health shall coordinate its efforts together with other government agencies. The Intellectual Property Office IPOin consultation with the appropriate government agencies, shall issue the appropriate implementing rules and regulations for the use or exploitation of patented inventions as contemplated in this section within one hundred twenty days after the effectivity of this law.

All wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, importers, or traders shall have a copy of the order of the President of the Philippines and provide the same to their clients and customers gaceya every transaction. Provided gaveta, That, this shall not apply to instances covered by Sections Reportorial and Public Notice Requirements. Unless otherwise provided herein, the use by the Government, or third person authorized by the Government shall be subject, where applicable, to the following provisions: ProvidedThat imported products in finished dosage forms, should be certified under the Oficil Health Organization WHO certification scheme on the quality of pharmaceutical products moving in international commerce: This report submitted to the Office of the President shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation within thirty 30 days upon submission.


ProvidedThat adequate remuneration shall be paid to the patent owner either by the exporting or importing country. The requirement under Subsection Limitations of Patent Rights.

Civil Action for Infringement. The making, using, offering for sale, selling, or importing a patented product or a product obtained directly or indirectly from a patented process, or gacetaa use of a patented process without the authorization of the patentee constitutes patent infringement: ProvidedThat, the dismissal of the criminal case or the withdrawal of the same shall in no instance be a ground for the dismissal of the administrative case.

Republic Act No. 9502

Discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods, and in the case oficiial drugs and medicines, the mere discovery of a new form or new property of a known oficiaal which does not result in the enhancement of the known efficacy of that substance, or the mere discovery of any new property or new use for a known substance, or the mere use of a known process unless such known process results in a new product that employs at least one new reactant.

D Power to Impose Administrative Fines and Penalties — After due notice and hearing, gactea Secretary of the Department of Health vaceta have the power to impose administrative fines against any person, manufacturer, importer, trader, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, or any other entity, in such amount as it may deem reasonable, which in no case shall be less than Fifty thousand pesos Php50, A Power to Recommend the Maximum Retail Price of Drugs and Medicines Subject to Price Regulation — 1 Upon application or motu proprio when the public interest so requires, the Secretary of the Department of Health shall have the power to determine the maximum retail prices of drugs and 59921 which shall be recommended to the President of the Philippines for approval.

ProvidedThat said drugs and medicines bear the registered marks that have not been tampered, unlawfully modified, gacfta infringed ofjcial as defined under Section of this Code. The power to impose maximum retail prices over drugs and medicines shall be exercised within such period of time as the situation may warrant as determined by the President of the Philippines. Construction in Favor of Protection of Public Health. In the event that full competition is not effective, the State recognizes as a reserve instrument the regulation of prices of drugs and medicines, with clear accountability by the implementing authority as mandated in this Act, as one of the means to also promote and ensure access to quality affordable medicines.

National emergency or other circumstances of extreme urgency. ProvidedThat it conforms to existing drug product labeling requirements, every manufacturer, importer, distributor, wholesaler, trader, or retailer of a drug and medicine intended for sale shall display the retail price which shall not exceed the maximum retail price approved gzceta order of the President of the Philippines.