Karl Marx has ratings and 69 reviews. William2 said: Excellent biography. Herr Marx was a nasty motherfucker. If you did not agree with him, he vilif. In this magisterial biography of Karl Marx, “likely to be definitive for many years to come” (John Gray, New York Review of Books), historian Jonathan Sperber. This is not a book about how Karl Marx changed the world. It is not about the revolutions and crimes committed in his name in the 20th century.

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As much as it is within my power I wish to keep my daughter from the cliffs on which the life of her mother has been shattered. If you offer the justification of your creole temperament, then I have the duty to interpose my reason between your temperament and my daughter.

Karl Marx: a Nineteenth-Century Life by Jonathan Sperber – review

He avoids the iconic Marx, created primarily by twentieth century thought and events, allowing us to see Marx as a thinker among thinkers and as a revolutionary among revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries of his own time.

Consequently, they both had very contentious relationships with their prosperous parents Marx’s mother, in this case,his father having died while Karl was in collegewho did not financially support their troublesome offspring in the way Karl and Walter thought proper. Yet this risks a predominantly Atlanticist perspective. Share your thoughts with other customers.

With varying degrees of success, Marx sought to accommodate his initial Hegelian presuppositions to this more scientistic era, beginning with applying the dialectic to Darwinism. Apr 15, Camilo Ruiz Tassinari rated it it was amazing Shelves: While the associations of Marx and the Soviet Union might be waning, other presentist invocations have replaced them.

Breaking Bank Issue Most endearingly, we encounter Marx spending hours playing with his children and grandchildren and setting off for picnics on Hampstead Heath. Dec 31, Adam Ford rated it liked it. In terms of Marx-studies, Sperber tries to deconstruct the long-standing bifurcation, holy to Marxist philosophers, between Marx’s early thought- the manuscripts- and his most “mature” thought, such as Das Kapital.


Would you like to tell us about a lower price? A well-researched albeit slightly overly academic chronological examination of the life of Karl Marx. The people would be best off to hold the property in common.

Thus the historian claims that you can know history but, you can never apply it to the present. It also of course talks about the man, the friend of Engels, the husband and the father. Karl Marx, if a revolutionary in action during a small part of his life and one in theory for most of it, always remained the middle class German gentleman in private life. The most common thread among all these writings was that he was wrong about nearly every prediction he ever made.

Sperber has been perhaps the first biographer to have access to the MEGA- the entirety of Marx and Engel’s complete oeuvre. Sperber places Marx in his Nineteenth Century context.

He was a polemicist. The first biography of Marx appeared two years after his death, written by Gustav Gross in Water, Landscape, and the Making of Modern Germany.

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I must say t A supremely lucid biography of Marx that takes as its central thesis the fact that all his innovations were maid in the context of now largely forgotten nineteenth century machinations. He was as close to the FR as today’s young people are to the end of the Cold War. The book is full of such breathtaking paradoxes.

A careful reading of this book may make the reader a little bit krl Marxist Iarl Edition Jonatnan Purchase. Hopefully, Sperber’s book will help a little bit to bring discussion of Marx back to the real Marx rather than that iconic Marx of twentieth-century making. Nonetheless, he routinely took steps in his life as a journalist that guaranteed he and his family a life of poverty.


The author covers both Marx as a family man, as a politician-revolutionary and as a philosopher.

But I’m talking as if this biography talks about the 20th century when it does not. Typically, the reason he had grown so hostile to them was that they continued to advocate beliefs he had once held himself.

Karl Marx: a Nineteenth-Century Life by Jonathan Sperber – review | Books | The Guardian

Jonathan Sperber has so far been mainly known as a historian of 19th-century Germany, and of the Rhineland in particular. Refresh and try again. Of course, Marx is a partisan for modernity in this context. Intellectual historians such as Gareth Stedman Jones, Douglas Moggach, Warren Breckman and David Leopold have tried to correct the generalisations of older Marxist historiography with their detailed studies of Marx and his contemporaries, bringing to light the complexities of their ideas in their historical context.

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Sperbet Sperber’s book does give me the broader context and at least the rudiments of Marx’s thinking to put together for myself an historical picture of Marx’s intellectual development and something of the development of the culture of revolutionary thinking during the mid-nineteenth century. Overall, I’ve certainly gained a more comprehensive view of Marx, grounded in his own era and looking backwards to the pr Not what I’d call a delightful read, but thorough and informative.

The excerpted love letters late in their life are gems. In spite of it’s length it is fairly easy reading with the exception IMHO of the commentary on The Capital and the explanation of hegelian philosophy.

He makes us look again at the writings, through nineteenth-century eyes, and gives a vivid account of Marx’s often difficult personal circumstances.