Ratifikohet “Konventa Evropiane “Për shtetësinë”” Shtetet Anëtarë te Këshillit te Europës dhe shtetet e tjera nënshkrues te kësaj Konvente, siç parashikohet ne nenin 8 te Konventës për mbrojtjen e te drejtave te njeriut dhe lirive themelore;. ndërlidhja e të gjitha të drejtave dhe lirive themelore të njeriut dhe nevojës së personave me aftësi të kufizuar për t’i garantuar ato pa diskriminim,. (d). 1 2. Te drejtat e njeriut. Donart Geci. RRETH VETURAVE NE KOSOVE. Marjan Dodaj. Të drejtat dhe liritë themelore të njeriut dhe. kulla

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For a better implementation of the law on protection of domestic violences victims by the Judiciary. Development effectiveness through gender mainstreaming: Liber udheximesh per personelin ge burgut training manual for prison workers.

Ways of better integrating offenders into society. Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women. Skip to main content. The Steering Committee members also reviewed and discussed the proposed activity plan forand were presented the initial findings and conclusions from the baseline study prepared by the College of Europe.

Restorative Justice for women and young girls who have been victims of konvwnta.

Trafficking in Human Beings. Civil and political rights consideration of reports submitted by states parties under article 40 of the covenant.


Securing Children’s Rights in the context of Armed Conflict. Platforma udhezuese e BE-se per barazine ndermjet grave e burrave Studim Monitorimi I vendimeve te gjykatave te rretheve qjyqesore Tirane, Shkoder deh Vlore, per vititne ceshtjet qe lidhen me traffikimin e qenieve njerezore.

Responding to Child Trafficking An introductory handbook to child rights based interventions drawn from Save the Children’s experience in Southeast Europe.

Guide Orientuese e Sherbimeve per Personat me Aftesi te Sherbimeve per personat me afesi te kufizuar mendore dhe probleme te shendetit mendor ne Shqiperi. Zgjidhjet e gjetura ne Shqiperi per shoqerimin e femijeve – viktima te trafikut.

Konventa Evropiane për të drejtat e njeriut në përqasje me Kushtetutën e Shqipërisë – Wikiwand

In the forthcoming period, the Project Secretariat will focus on supporting the project implementation, through monitoring and provision of technical expertise where needed.

Youth Work with Boys and Young Men as a means to prevent violence in everyday life.

A joint study by the southeast europe initiative of one world international and the information program of the open society institute. Albanian Migration and the socio economic influence on the children left behind. Gay Clergy Crisis, Gays in Evropiaje.

On the Rights Track: Aktivitete edukimi mbi te drejtat njerezore te femijeve demokracine pjesemarrese dhe qytetarine aktive. Proceedings of the fourth regional meeting of NGO coalitions for the the rights of the child in Europe.


Promoting and implementing and monitoring the UN convention on the rights of the child. United Nations Convention against Torture and other cruel, inhuman or vrejtave treatment or punishment.

Creating meaninful access to rights and advocacy services for young people in care in Ontario. Raport Monitorimi I shkalles se Njohes dhe Zbatimit te strategjise se punesimit dhe formimit profesional nen kendveshtrimin e perkatesise gjinore. Right Angle a Resource for adults working with young people on global rights issues. Amplifikimi I mesazheve per publikun nepermjet medias. Guidelines on Policies and Procedures in dealing with unaccompanied Children seeking Asylum. Despite Outcry, no reforms The desperate situation of children with disabilites in Russian institutions.

Wikipedia:Faqja kryesore/Artikulli i javës/Arkivi/2016

Guide for cooperation and development of bio-medical technologies and clinical engineering. Integrated project responses to violence in everyday life in a democratic society. Proposal for a conceptual and methodological approach to the issue of child and adolescent labour.