Buy Logic 2Rev Ed by Wilfrid Hodges (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. How do you define logic? Logic is about consistency – but not about all types of consistency. For example, if a man supports Aresenal one day and Spurs the. Wilfrid Augustine Hodges, FBA (born 27 May ) is a British mathematician, known for his Hodges was President of the British Logic Colloquium, of the European Association for Logic, Language and Information and of the Division of .

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This logiic the next six items are text and translation of seven of the fifteen sections covering the formal logic of modalities and more besides in the book Qiyas. But like the translation two above, the translation has not yet been checked by a native Arabic speaker and the notes are incomplete.

Wilfrid Hodges’ logic page

The talk was an appeal for help in measuring the relative difficulty or ‘naturalness’ of some types of inference rule. Published November 29th by Penguin first published August 28th Books by Wilfrid Hodges. The talk compares Ibn Sina, Leibniz and Frege on some key issues in logic and semantics, and aims to illuminate Frege by putting him into this context. Wllfrid man is funny and knows his stuff.

For the loggic History of Modern Algebra: Readers who are more mathematically adventurous will find optional sections introducing rather If a man supports Arsenal one day and Spurs hodgrs next then he is fickle but not necessarily illogical. Bayes’s Theorem Richard Swinburne. Unfortunately he was refused a visa, and I gave the talk on his behalf. From this starting point, and assuming no previous knowledge of logic, Wilfrid Hodges takes the reader through the whole gamut of logical expressions in a simple lotic lively way.

If retrospective dedications are allowed, I would like to dedicate this original to the memory of Maria Panteki, a learned and generous authority on George Peacock; she died inlong before her time. JDE rated it really liked it Jul 20, This is the best place to start, though, and should provide enough comfort and understanding to easily proceed to other books. But the truth turns out to be rather more complicated than I realised.


How Boole broke through the top syntactic level. How do you define logic? I find Lee illuminating but tough going, so I translated this for my own benefit.

His teaching experience dates back to when he was a teaching fellow at the University of Michigan. Also with this kind of material, raw translations without commentary have limited value.

Wilfrid Hodges

I will get the whole thing put up here as soon as I can. Hodges is a wilfird logician, with many philosophical sensitivities – this shows in his brief treatment of various ‘controversial’ or ‘bizarre’ aspects of contemporary logic.

But Ibn Sina seems to have the question much better under control. I trace the development, over the last two hodgees years, of 1 relational reasoning, 2 proof rules that discharge assumptions, 3 type-theoretic semantics. The inspection of the texts that lies behind the facts reported in that lecture is rather gruelling, but fortunately it only has to be done once. The published version was devoted to the special case of theories of linear orderings.

Definability versus definability-up-to-isomorphism, in groups and fields revised 29 May There is also a polemical section which seems to be intended to show that metatheorems of logic – in particular those of the kind illustrated by the more recent laws of distribution and interpolation theorems – are just as useful for philosophical argument as the laws of logic itself. Part 12 Predicate logic: To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. Besides this book, he has four other textbooks of logic in print, at levels ranging from popular to research.

He talks to you rather than at you. In effect it creates a new branch of formal logic, quite unlike anything else before modern times. Interpreting Avicennaof Yahya b.

Logic – Wilfrid Hodges – Google Books

A draft April of most of a monograph ‘Ibn Sina’s alethic modal logic’ April I think if the chapter was extended a little bit more, it would have been definitely a 5-stars book!! We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. I got a lot out of this book, particularly due to the vast number of exercises ranging from implementing phrase structure rules on natural language, to truth tables and predicate tableaux.


PaperbackSecond Editionpages. This passage contains his reasons for rejecting Porphyry’s notion of an inseparable accident and replacing hodgea by his own notion of a necessary accident. John of Salisbury claimed just this in the 12th century, but without solid evidence. Adi to clarify how these individuals can be both mental because they are reasoned about, and the rules of reasoning are purely about mental entitiesand not necessarily mental because olgic rules of logic have universal application.

Proofreading this stuff must be a nightmare. Ebook This title is available as an ebook. It may be that this book is better for readers who know some logicrather th This may well be a good book but it lost me after about the third chapter. At first sight Ibn Sina defines logical rules in terms of the operation of the intellect, which he places in the rear cerebral ventricles.

This lecture had the strictly limited aim of describing in modern terms a formal system adequate to support what Ibn Sina says hovges the semantics of predicate syllogisms. But for a historian of logic an equally important question is what Ibn Sina would have counted as validating Euclid’s arguments. If I recall correctly, he doesn’t include a deduction system, and he probably doesn’t cover enough to satisfy someone interested in mathematical logic.

The paper horges not yet written, though it’s a good deal further down the line than these notes might suggest.